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Tomato Salad

Fit and Fueled

Transform your health with this 12-week group program. 

Whether you are starting a new workout routine, or have an established exercise habit, take your results to the next level with better eating habits. 

There is so much noise around what to eat, what's healthy, how to get results.

Get answers from a Registered Dietitian, the qualified food and nutrition expert, on what is best for YOUR body. 

In this program we will:

- Make sure you eat enough to get the results you want

     (you might not be eating enough right now!)

- Simplify meal planning (I'll do it for you) and grocery shopping

- Meet weekly for accountability and to answer all the food questions

     (let me be your Google)

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Personalized Group Experience

Combine the support of a group program with the personalization of individual coaching. 

Your meal suggestions are completely personalized AND you get to meet with a group that will cheer you on and propel you forward.

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Simplify Healthy Eating

Curated recipes and a personal meal plan to help support your health goals. 

Hate broccoli? Great! You'll never see it on the menu.

Want to experiment with more black beans? Let's try it!

Your meal plans will be nutritionally balanced with macro and micro nutrients no matter your preferences. 

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Weekly live group sessions

Accountability works really well on a weekly basis. 

These check-ins:

- help you keep your goals top of mind

- get tips and tricks for meeting your needs

- we'll sort through the noise of the latest trends

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Personal Messaging

Have a question you don't want to bring to the group? Message me! 

I LOVE hearing about the latest trends and helping you decide if it is based in fact and will work for YOU.

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