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The building blocks you need to create a healthy lifestyle

  • Foundations

    Foundations for Healthy Eating
    Valid for one year
    • 8-session self-guided webinar series

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If you're someone that would rather try weight loss on your own, but still want some guidance, this course is for you!

Each session is about 30 minutes long and covers a different topic clients have found most helpful when losing weight.  Through years of working with a wide variety of clients on their weight loss journey, it became clear that these are the true building blocks for success.

Overview- Foundations for Healthy Eating

Overview- Foundations for Healthy Eating

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1 - Diet Myths and Basic Overview

How many diets have you tried? We cover a few of them, why they don't create lasting results, and how to set the foundation for success over the next 7 sessions.  You need something solid to build on!

4 - Emotional Eating and Snacking

What are your cravings telling you? Your body is trying to tell you something. Snacking isn't bad, but it needs to be intentional. We will cover how to build a heathy snack.

7 - Routines

Your body has a natural daily rhythm.  Learn to work with it instead of against it!  If you aren't taking notes by this week, you're going to want to start!

2 - Macronutrients

Carbs, Protein, and Fat. Learn why you need them, where they come from, and how much you need.